Elevate the telecom, mobility, and IT management industry by joining the members of the Industry Council.

Who We Are
The AOTMP® Industry Council is a collaborative group of multi-functional professionals focused on legitimizing and advancing the telecom, mobility, and IT management industry to the position of a leading business practice. Aligning global professionals from enterprises, carriers, industry suppliers and vendors, the AOTMP® Industry Council is dedicated to leading and influencing the industry and those who work within it.
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You are cordially invited to the next AOTMP® Industry Council meeting on October 21-23, 2019 at the Marriott Lakeside in Orlando, Florida. Members receive complimentary registration as a benefit. Members may register in the Community Portal.
What are your top three benefits as an Industry Council Member?

Joe Schuman

Best Buy

  1. Peer-to-peer networking
  2. Learning from challenges and successes from other enterprises and gain insights from vendors
  3. I am optimistic the Council will advance Industry Standards and improve Enterprise, Vendor, and Carrier relationships, which will increase our value to our companies, our industry, and our day-to-day work.

industry council

John Venditti


  1. Council members sharing their knowledge and experience with each other.
  2. Listening first hand to the experiences and challenges of the enterprises and working with them.
  3. Helping to advance our industry through collaboration and alignment.

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