Benefits to Membership

There are a lot of great benefits to joining the AOTMP® Industry Council. From exclusive live and remote meetings to networking and relationship building, the Council helps you expand your network and connect with both enterprise and vendor peers to cultivate and encourage cross-collaboration.

The benefits of joining the Industry Council are immense and immeasurable.

The Council’s mission was developed to elevate and mature the telecom, mobility, and information technology management industry. It supports you and your organization by helping to mature the industry, foster ongoing conversations to “bridge the gap” between enterprises and vendors, promotes opportunities to help the growth of the industry, and has member ambassadors that work with carriers and vendors, in an open setting, to resolve friction.

Exclusive Live & Remote Meetings

This unique Council is made up of both Enterprise and Vendor members to cultivate and encourage cross-collaboration through live and remote meetings in a non-selling environment. Industry Council meetings allow all members—vendors and enterprises–to come together and discuss industry opportunities that help mature the telecom, mobility, and information technology management industry.

Knowledge Exchange

Uncover opportunities, neutralize challenges and drive results by collaborating with industry professionals that share your passion and desire to elevate the telecom, mobility, and IT management industry. Understand and evolve your organization’s practices by having meaningful dialogue with your peers to make meaningful change.

A Seat At The Table

Increase your status as a thought leader and influence change by having a seat at the table. Be part of moving the industry forward by sharing your successes, concerns and challenges you face every day with industry professionals who share your passion and goals.

Networking & Relationship Building

Build lasting relationships and contacts to expand your network. With enterprise and vendor members, the collaboration and communications during all stages of enterprise-vendor relationships increases the business relationship value for both parties.

What are your top three benefits as an Industry Council Member?
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John Venditti


  1. Council members sharing their knowledge and experience with each other.
  2. Listening first hand to the experiences and challenges of the enterprises and working with them.
  3. Helping to advance our industry through collaboration and alignment.

Our members include some of the largest enterprises and vendors in the world.

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