Council Terms & Conditions

1. Enrollment into the Council is ongoing throughout the year. Membership begins upon acceptance of application and notification via email and is subject to receipt of payment. Membership will continue one year from that date.

2. Council members agree to the use of their name, title and company name on AOTMP website.

3. Council members agree to promote their Council member logo on their LinkedIn profile.

4. Submission of an application does not guarantee membership. AOTMP reserves the right to accept or reject membership applications for any reason including but not limited to conflicts of interest.

5. To ensure the correct ratio of enterprises and vendors within the Council, vendor memberships may be placed on hold to control the ratio. While AOTMP will be proactively in managing membership ratios, there may be brief periods where vendor members will be notified that their application is on hold. Vendor members will then be notified if, and when their application has been accepted.

6. Council members will adhere to the Code of Conduct and AOTMP reserves the right to cancel memberships for violations of the Code of Conduct at any time.

7. Council events are for members in good standing and substitutions are not permitted.

8. All requests to transfer membership to another member company employee should be submitted to AOTMP Industry Council Leadership for approval.

9. All Founding Members and Council Members have the right to use their Council logo on internal and external professional communications. Founding Member logos are only available for members who apply and join through June 29, 2018 but may be used during the entire membership period.

10. Use of the logo is only permitted when member is a paid member in good standing.