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Timothy C. Colwell
Executive Vice President, AOTMP®

Collaboration is the ultimate results accelerator. It produces perspectives and insights not available from self-reflection or closed-loop networking. Collaboration is the key ingredient of success, and the AOTMP® Industry Council delivers the perfect collaboration forum by aligning global professionals from enterprises, carriers, industry suppliers, and vendors.

Bound by the common mission of legitimizing and advancing the telecom, mobility, and IT management industry to the position of a leading business practice, AOTMP® Industry Council members collaborate on opportunities, impacts, and actions that drive positive change.

Industry Council Positions

AOTMP® Industry Council members identify opportunities to elevate the value and impact the telecom, mobility, and IT management industry. Through joint member collaborations, the user group agendas featured below were generated to guide productive future meetings. The Industry Council believes that information exchange and dialogue on the topics outlined in each agenda improves the value of business relationships for all parties involved.

A Few Current Council Topics

The AOTMP® Industry Council influences telecom, mobility, and IT management through collaboration and one-of-a-kind conversations. Here’s what members are talking about today.

Enterprise Discussions

Influencing the Industry’s Future – How can user groups shape future plans and product roadmaps?

Measuring Performance – Which metrics and SLAs are most likely to increase performance?

Preparing for New Tech – How will advances in 5G, data privacy, and more transform the industry?

Vendor Discussions

Upgrading Solutions – What can service providers do to create more customer value and satisfaction?

Identifying Opportunities – Where should vendors invest their resources to make impactful changes?

Setting TEM Standards – Which trends and technologies do vendors need to help customers understand?

Joint Discussions

Informing Carriers – What can carriers do to improve the value of their customer and business relationships?

Sharing TEM Tips – How can TEM vendors overcome their most serious challenges to meet customer demands?

Managing Change – How is technology changing and what does the future of telecom, mobility, and IT look like?

Where We've Been, Where We're Headed

The AOTMP® Industry Council is a 24/7/365 conversation. Through ongoing conversations and our members-only online community, the Council shares insights to identify opportunities, maximize technology’s business impact, and take action to drive results and create positive industry change. Together, we:


Engage telecom, mobility, and IT leaders to influence industry roadmaps.
Identify and define performance objectives to create measurable progress.
Share use cases and business impact insights for emerging technologies.
Collaborate through meetings, ongoing conversations, and online communities.

Upcoming Events
Next Live Meeting

October 21-23, 2019
Marriott Lakeside in Orlando, Florida

Next Online Meeting

December 5, 2019
11am EST

Why Should You Join?

If you’re like us, you don’t believe the current telecom, mobility, and IT management status quo is acceptable. The AOTMP® Industry Council proactively seeks opportunities to drive positive change and takes action to drive business results that advance the industry. Here’s what a few of our members say about their Council experience.

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Member Testimonials

industry council

Valerie Banks

Aramark Corporation

AOTMP® Industry Council Helps Me:

  • Drive change and establish standards and best practices
  • Learn from peer insights about barriers and opportunities
  • Provide unique perspective to create improvements

industry council

John Venditti


AOTMP® Industry Council Helps Me:

  • Share industry knowledge and experience with others
  • Create solutions to overcome enterprise challenges
  • Create industry standards, opportunities, and solutions

industry council

John Hill


AOTMP® Industry Council Helps Me:

  • Network with industry peers
  • Learn best practices and benefit from others’ experience
  • Work as a team to improve industry processes
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